Ingredients and Allergy Info

Everything in our bakery is

✔ Vegan
✔ Egg Free
✔ Dairy Free
✔ Lactose Free
✔ Cochineal Free
✔ Gelatine Free
✔ Meat Free

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Everything in our bakery is 100% vegan,
which means no dairy, egg, cochineal or gelatine


Our cupcakes are not made with almond flour,
+ may contain traces of gluten as baked
on the same premises as non gf.
All our gluten free items are automatically wheat-free as well.


Please note, our nut-free baked goods are
baked on the same premises as nuts, we are careful to avoid cross contamination by
boxing nut-based goods separately and keeping them on the bottom display shelves.


We use some organic + fairtrade ingredients in our cupcakes where possible.


Our cupcakes contain small traces of soy bean in the frosting. If you’d like completely soy free frosting please let us know!


Our sugar free cupcakes and raw cupcakes are made with Agave Nectar and are gluten free and wheat free


Some of our cupcakes are corn free and some contain small traces of corn starch, all our flavours with bright colours contain cornstarch.


Most of our gluten free flavours are also fructose free as well, here is a summary of all our fructose free flavours. When you select these flavours with the gluten free option it will automatically be fructose free too!

GF Count Chocula

GF Rockin Roller

GF Black and White

GF Zombie Brainz

GF The Thing

GF Peppermint Patty

GF Green Tea

GF Unicorn Milkshake

GF Magilla Gorilla

GF Birthday Cake

GF Angel Poop

GF Earl Grey

GF Vanilla Rose

GF Vanilla Lavender

GF Pink Lemonade

GF Orange Creamsicle

GF Lickity Split

GF Raspberry Beret

GF Blackberry earl grey

We have followed the Monash University’s Fructose Free Guidelines, along with Fodmap expert Sue Shepherd.

Monash extensive list of fructose friendly foods it’s suitable for most who can’t tolerate fructose because it is a disaccharide which is 50% fructose and 50% glucose, and that means most can tolerate it, but for some who have severe fructose issues they still can’t have it because there technically is still some fructose in it.