Mini Cupcakes

NORMAL $2.60 - $3.50


GF SF $3.50


{ 5% discount for orders over 2 dozen minis }

Regular Cupcakes

NORMAL $4.20 - $5.00


GF SF $5.00


{ 5% discount for orders over 1 dozen regular }

Two Flavours Per Dozen


$1.00 extra

{ For allergy info click here }

You Can Order Online!

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Order cakes as well from our cakes page.

We do not take orders in store, all orders need to be made via this website or email

Please Note All orders require at least 3 days notice, unless booked out.

As our bakery is getting more popular, we are booking out within 7 days, so please try to aim for 7 days to book a cake if you can.

Please Note All customisations incur an extra fee - we will notify you by email about any extra charges.

*Chocolate Based*

poop emoji

chocolate cake w chocolate frosting

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Chocolate cake with vanilla naked frosting, chocolate ganache, crumble + toasted marshmallows

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Midnight Cookie D’oh

chocolate cake w cookie dough, walnuts + choc chip filling, naked cookie frosting, chocolate ganache + cookie crumble

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Chocolate Cake w vanilla grey frosting

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timmy time

chocolate cake w vanilla frosting

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Death by Chocolate

Chocolate cake w chocolate frosting, chocolate ganache, chocolate walnut brownie + choc wafer straw

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Coffee and Donuts

chocolate cake w coffee frosting, topped w freshly made donut holes

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Turkish Delight

Chocolate Cupcake with Rosewater frosting, topped with a Turkish delight and chocolate ganache

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Popcorn Mudslide

choc cake w salted caramel frosting, covered in caramel popcorn, w dulce + choc ganache

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Chocolate Cake with Peanutbutter + Dulce frosting, topped w toasted peanuts + caramel

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Raspberry Beret

Chocolate cake frosted with raspberry jam + choc frosting, topped w choc ganache + a raspberry

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Sugar Free

Sugar and Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate Frosting

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Golden comb

choc cupcake + caramel frosting, topped with choc ganache + honeycomb

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Count Chocula

Seriously rich chocolate velvety frosting on rich chocolate cake

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Rockin’ Roller

Strawberry frosting on choc cake, topped with chocolate ganache + a choc chip

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Black and White

Vanilla frosting on chocolate cake topped w chocolate ganache + a choc chips

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Red Velvet

red velvet cake topped w cream cheese frosting + red velvet crumble

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Cherry Bomb

vanilla frosting on choc cake, topped w a chocolate cherry, choc ganach & choc sprinkles

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Betty White

Coconut frosting w toasted coconut flakes + chocolate ganache on chocolate cake

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Zombie Brainz!

Creamy strawberry brain frosting on chocolate cake

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Peanut Butter Cup

Peanut butter frosting on chocolate cake covered in chocolate ganache

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Peppermint Patty

Peppermint frosting on chocolate cake, topped w chocolate ganache

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*Vanilla Based*

Rainbow Roller

Vanilla sprinkle cake w vanilla frosting

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gold dust

strawberry cake w strawberry frosting

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Hello Kitty

pink velvet cake with vanilla frosting

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vanilla cake w dark choc chips w grey vanilla frosting

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vanilla cake w bubblegum frosting

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peppa pig

lemonade frosting on strawberry cake

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minnie mouse

vanilla cake w strawberries + white choc chips w strawberry frosting

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vanilla choc chip cake w vanilla frosting

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confetti cake covered in strawberry frosting + rainbow sprinkles

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vanilla cake w strawberry + vanilla gumdrop frosting

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rainbow unicorn

vanilla confetti cake frosted w vanilla frosting

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Sparkle Gutts

vanilla confetti cake w strawberry frosting and unicorn bark

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Lickity Split

Creamy strawberry frosting on vanilla cake, topped w icecream cone + confetti sprinkles

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Cookie Monster

cookies + cream cake w vanilla blue cookie monster frosting

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Passionfruit Lemon Pop

lemon Zest cake w Passionfruit frosting

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Orange Creamsicle

vanilla cake w orange zest frosting

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Peanut butter Jelly

raspberry jam filled cake w peanut butter frosting, a dollop of jam in the centre, covered in toasted chopped peanuts

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Matcha cake with matcha frosting

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vanilla cupcake w raspberry jam filling, topped w chocolate frosting + desiccated coconut

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unicorn milkshake

Vanilla sprinkle cake w vanilla frosting

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magilla gorilla

vanilla choc chip cake w banana frosting, topped w chocolate ganache

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Birthday Cake

vanilla cake with vanilla frosting, covered in sprinkles

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Earl Grey

aromatic earl grey cake w vanilla frosting

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Vanilla Lavender

Vanilla cake with lavender frosting

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Raspberries + white chocolate cake w vanilla frosting, topped w raspberries + coconut

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Carrot Cake

Carrot cake base stuffed w walnuts + raisins, topped with cream cheese frosting

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gingerbread cake w lemon zest cream cheese frosting

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Pink Lemonade

pink lemonade frosting on strawberry + lemon zest cake

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Pina Colada

Pineapple + coconut frosting on coconut cake filled w pineapple topped w coconut

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Tough Cookies

Cookies and Cream cake and frosting, covered in chocolate ganache and cookie bits

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Angel Poop

creamy vanilla frosting on moist vanilla cake

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Key West

Key lime frosting on coconut cake topped w coconut

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