Head Baker / Manager Wanted

Our bakery is looking for a full time Head Baker with managerial skills that wants to work for a growing business & improve their skills and learn new ones!

We are looking for someone with 3-5 years experience or more in the food industry with cake baking, cake decorating & frosting experience, as well as handling dough, baking buns, donuts and pastries.

As well as experience and knowledge of how to manage a team, quality control, who can be friendly, assertive &approachable with staff.

About us – Our bakery is one of the most popular bakeries in Melbourne & specializes in allergy friendly baked goods, we are the number one bakery that focuses on gluten free and vegan baked goods & we’ve been around for the last 9 years. We started off as a market stall & soon opened up our own bakery in Ascot Vale where we’ve been for 7 years or so.

The Role – The applicant that we are looking for will be baking & frosting cakes, bake our patisserie range, quality control as well as looking after the day to day running of the shop, which include sending staff on breaks, stock take, serving customers at busy peaks once in a while, managing & delegating kitchen duties & handling staff issues & liaising w the owner on a regular basis.

Commencement Date – Training will commence part-time in mid-January and move on to full time by the 15th of February.

Hours – The hours for this position are as follows:
7.30am-3.30pm (Wed-Fri) 4am-12pm (Sat & Sun)

Please email your resume, references in this field along with a cover letter to: 

If you have any images of baked goods you have created in your previous positions, we’d love to see them as well!