Vegan Lemon Meringue Pie!

Mister Nice Guy shows you how to make the mother of all recipes on your vegan wish list, a killer vegan lemon meringue pie, yeh!



- sugar
- corn starch/ corn flour
- agar
- salt
- coconut, soy, rice or almond milk
- lemon juice
- lemon zest
- egg replacer
- ice cold water


- sauce pan
- measuring spoons
- measuring cups
- whisk
- hand mixer
- mixing bowl
- pie pan
- spatula

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Pie crust recipe

Refer to the recipe in our be my cherry pie video »

Flatten out your pie base and put it in a pie pan, then put it in the oven for ten minutes and let it cool.

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Lemon pie filling recipe

- 1 ¼ cup sugar
- ½ cup corn starch or corn flour
- ¼ teaspoon agar
- ¼ teaspoon salt
- 1 ¼ 4 cup milk (coconut, soy, rice or almond milk)
- 1 cup water
- ¾ cup lemon juice
- 1 ½ tablespoons lemon zest

Add to sauce pan and bring to boil and whisk for 4-5 minutes, it will turn into a pudding like mixture and when you can’t stir no more it’s ready to go in the pie crust, then cool for an hour or two.

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Meringue Recipe

- 6 tablespoons egg replacer
- ½ + 2 tablespoons cup ice cold water
- ½ cup sugar
*AMMENDEMENT: Double This Recipe for a much bigger better meringue and it will be easier to work with.

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First, add the egg replacer, then half the water, mix it up with a hand mixer until stiff peaks start to form.

Then add the rest of the water and the sugar slowly and mix.

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It should be thick enough so that you can hold it upside down and it won’t come out all over your head.

Now that the pie is cooled, you can scoop the meringue onto the pie and let it set for 15 minutes.

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After 15 minutes, throw in the oven on 100 degrees Celsius (210 Fahrenheit) for about half an hour.

Take it out and let it cool completely.

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And voila! you have yourself a killer vegan lemon meringue pie!

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lemon mer pie_x small


  • Jane
    19th April 2012

    A thousand thank u’s. I’ve ‘veganised’ many recipes but not yet Lemon Meringue Pie so cannot wait to cook this old favorite.

  • loulou
    19th April 2012

    oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yum. thanks for another amazing recipe!!!!

  • Amanda
    19th April 2012

    This looks amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!
    I’m really unfamiliar with egg replacers, is there a particular brand that you use that works well?

    PS I was in Melbourne in March and got a few of your cupcakes from the Radical Grocery Store and they rocked my world! Particularly the ginger snap, that was the shizz! :-)

    Thanks again!

  • Amanda
    22nd April 2012

    I tried and I failed… :(

    • Deb
      18th March 2013

      what happened when you tried? we can help figure it out with you so it works! :)

  • Kellyc
    4th June 2012

    Cant wait to try this! Looks amazing, thanks so much for sharing!

  • Deb
    5th June 2012

    This recipe sounds amazing — what brand of egg replacer do you use?

  • sherry
    7th June 2012

    Loved your video! What is the milk measurement? Is ir 1 1/4 ? 4 cups seems too much. Thanks!

  • Clara
    7th June 2012

    Wich ingredients contains the egg replacer?
    Cause in my country we have none… We use replacers like bean flour, chia… But I don´t think they could make a merengue :(

  • Linda
    7th June 2012

    This looks fabulous! How do you store this and how long will it keep?

  • Cat @ Cat’s Kitchen
    16th June 2012

    Oh wow! This meringue could be used to make the ever-elusive perfect vegan French macaron!!! I attempted to make them once and they turned out to be little chewy walnut biscuits. A good meringue is key.

  • Jennifer Moore
    27th June 2012

    Can you tell me what temperature you cook the crust at when you put it in the oven for 10 minutes? Thanks!

  • Geri
    28th June 2012


  • Cricket Morgan
    28th June 2012

    At what temperatue do you cook the pie crust?

    The cherrty pie recipe makes 12 heart shaped pies; is the crust recipe the right size for a single layer pie?

  • babels
    4th July 2012

    this works perfectly. kia ora bro.

  • Gregory
    20th July 2012

    Love the video. Nicely done. What brand egg replacer do you use?

  • Shavvy.
    26th July 2012

    My god this is amazing. Making it now. It’s about to go in the oven. Best lemony filling EVER. Meringue seems really good too. I couldn’t get if stiff enough to put over my head, but I got it thick enough to hold it’s shape on top of the pie. So hopefully it doesn’t flatten when cooking. Thank you so much for the recipe. Legendary!

  • Michelle
    28th July 2012

    What is the “egg replacer” you are using? Is it EnerG egg replacer mix? I don’t think a lot of people even know about it; it is available here in the USA, but I’ve never tried a recipe like this using it. Thanks! Looks delish! mmmmmmm

  • Paola
    29th July 2012

    Hi Guys! Thanks for this recipe! I’ll try it this week. :D

  • MyRedSandals
    2nd August 2012

    Have you tried this recipe using lime juice/zest?

  • Lily
    13th August 2012

    Thank you so much for this!! I just love lemon meringue pie and haven’t try a decent one since became vegan 5 years ago :)
    I made your recipe but the filling didn’t came out as yellow as yours. It was much pale. I have no idea what happened :(

  • suz
    15th August 2012

    awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! gotta try this!! you two are absolutely adorable in your video… thanks!! will post when i try it.

    – S :D xo

  • Jenna
    15th August 2012

    I was wondering what temperature to bake the initial pie crust for 10 minutes…I didn’t see anything posted. Thanks!

  • Lindsey
    24th August 2012

    Absolutely awesome! I am dying to make! A couple questions….What kind of milk did you use/what kind do you think works best for the curd-rice, soy, almond or coconut? For the meringue- After you whip, let it set and then bake it and then let it set again can you then refrigerate it (I like lemon meringue pie cold!) will it change the consistency of the peaks? Thanks for sharing your tricks of the trade-I’m super stoked.
    <3 Lindsey from Charm City US

  • temi
    18th September 2012

    Very cool, one question, can you broil the meringue instead of baking it? to get some of the peaks browned, or will it ruin it?

  • Pam
    22nd October 2012

    Which egg replacer was used in this recipe?

  • Ana
    19th February 2013

    I’m dying to make this recipe.
    In my country we don’t have egg replacer, so is there another option???

  • Audrey
    17th April 2013

    Just trying to make this. The pastry and filling great. The meringue did not work. Would not peak and is just a runny liquid. Help please :-)

    • Deb
      29th June 2013

      it takes practice, try doing it again and use a small metal bowl, put the bowl in the freezer so it’s cold and mix it for longer, let us know if that works! :)

  • Di
    27th April 2013

    AMAZING!!! Well done!! Thank you for a ‘keeper’ : )
    What egg replacer is the best? Found the brand we used to be a little ‘floury’.

  • Miranda
    2nd May 2013

    Thanks so much…My class is making a lemon meringue and i cant have it.. But know i -kinda- can!!

  • Janina * kleinstyle
    17th May 2013

    Ohhh my! That looks delicious! Got to try this soon…. And for now gonna check out the rest of your fabulous page!
    Greets, janina

  • Candace
    18th May 2013

    Thank u for this! Three try’s and the meringue to runny. Threw it on anyway but not sure what to do=}

  • Dorothy
    30th May 2013

    Is there an alternative to cook pie at 100 degrees; my oven will only go down to 170 degrees? This is my favorite pie -can’t wait to try it but want to get it right.

  • Nicole
    7th June 2013

    I also second Temi’s question about broiling the top to brown it… is this going to kill the meringue?

  • Debbie
    27th July 2013

    Sweettttttt, thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • Mary
    28th July 2013

    Yes to making this lime instead of lemon! And to answer question about oven temperature, I discovered it was 210 instead of 100! Good pie!

  • Hannah
    29th July 2013

    I made this pie last night and it was perfect! I’m vegan, but I made it for three non-vegans and they liked it! I didn’t want an unreasonable amount of meringue, so I made 1.5 times the original recipe and it was just the right amount (I also used Orgran egg replacer and it even stayed in the bowl when I tipped it upside down). I cooked the crust (half the recipe for the 12 heart-shaped pies) at 180C for 10 minutes, but I think next time it will need a few more minutes. I used rice milk and the zest of two lemons (their juice made only 1/4 cup, so I used bottled lemon juice for the rest), and it came out a beautiful lemon yellow colour. The top didn’t get brown, and I tried turning up the oven temp to 180C for the last five minutes, but it had no effect. Next time I will try to get it to brown.

    Thank you for such a beautiful pie recipe!

  • Lara
    11th August 2013

    I have this just about to come out of the oven. My meringue was also too runny but I went ahead and baked it. Hopefully it will be good enough, but if I made again I would definitely use less water in the meringue mix because it did seem like it was peeking before all of the water was added.

  • samantha
    20th August 2013

    I made this pie. I never thought I would have lemon meringue pie as a vegan. I was a little apprehensive, because I’m not at my best when things have to thicken up and I don’t think I got the filling or meringue as thick as the recipe says. the pie was *fantastic*. totally exceeded my expectations. I will definitely make it again. great recipe, and easy!

  • juliet
    31st December 2014

    so nice! i didn’t have any aga powder but i had Vegset and it worked well though i needed to Use 1 tablespoon to thicken it up as its not as strong as the aga, thanks for sharing this

  • Kiley
    3rd January 2015

    Can’t wait to try this! I need more coconut milk D:

  • Romina
    21st March 2018

    Looking forward trying this lemon meringue pie