About Us

Mister Nice Guy’s Bakeshop is the brainchild of husband and wife baketivists Lucas Cook and Deb Kantor…

We’ve always loved baking together and kept coming up with weird and wonderful concoctions for cake recipes.
We faced many different food intolerance’s and realised we had serious dilemma… how can we still eat our favourite baked goodies and not feel gross afterwards?

So we decided to find egg, dairy, gluten-free cake mixes to see what was out there and realised that there really wasn’t a whole lot of choice for us.

So we decided to create our own bakery to fix that.

Mister Nice Guy’s started in 2010 and was meant to be
“we started working the midnight shift at Lentils as Anything, one day we were having breakfast there and were talking about how great it would be to use Lentil’s kitchen to bake vegan cupcakes in to sell at markets and instead of rent we could provide Lentil’s with cakes. Then a few minutes later we overheard the chef and the owner talking about how they needed a baker, we used this opportunity and went up to Shanika the owner and proposed the idea, they said yes on the spot, a few days later Lucas was baking in their kitchen and our business started”.

“Then we started to get orders and outgrew Lentils and moved into a pub kitchen- where we baked our cupcakes and also provided vegan tex mex food for the pub customers.

Our orders increased and we began to sell to shops and were delivering all over Melbourne and outgrew this pub and decided to focus just on the baking which was the best decision we made and we moved to a market stall at Prahran market where we baked and sold to the public directly as well as wholesale orders.”

“We were extremely busy here and grew and grew and grew and after 2 years had to move to a bigger store, and moved to Ascot Vale, and we have been there ever since. We chose ascot vale because we’re locals and we love the area.”


“Our shop keeps growing and growing to the point that we will probably have to open another one soon.

 We sell out every weekend by lunch time and have tripled our stock and sell out of that as well, we don’t have much room to bake more hence the need for a new shop.”


“We started with just vegan cupcakes, then moved to cakes. Then the gluten free crowd knocked on our door and we began to make gluten free cakes, then BOOM everyone wanted a piece of us. So we started to add more to our menu and 6 years later we now do everything that you see in our shop.”


“The smartest thing I can say we’ve done is that we’ve listened to what the customer want, we listened and we gave! They wanted red velvet, they wanted gluten free, vegan sausage rolls, milkshakes, nut milks, they asked and we delivered. As well as this even when there is something negative coming through we always use it in a way to learn and grow and change whatever isn’t working and put something in place that does. We are constantly adding or removing things to make our customers and staff happy and make things flow better.”

Thank you for reading our story, we feel truly blessed to be doing what we love to do every day 🙂

Deb and Lucas x