How do I place an order?

Same day orders: These can be placed via the orderup app or at https://misterniceguy.orderup.com.au/
These can be placed the evening before until 11:25am that day (or sold out) on the day of pick up/delivery, and you can choose from pick up or delivery. You can only purchase from what is listed as available at the time, and changes cannot be made. Delivery is only available to the suburbs listed.

Advanced orders: These must be placed at least 3-4 days before the date required.
Cakes can be placed at www.misterniceguy.com.au/cakes
Cupcake orders can be placed at www.misterniceguy.com.au/cupcakes
There are minimum order quantities for cupcakes and flavours. You will need to meet these requirements to proceed with the order. Please make sure you click submit and process payment.

Tiered cakes: Please email hello@misterniceguy.com.au for a quote. Please note these may require at least seven days notice.

Patisserie items: Please email hello@misterniceguy.com.au with your name, contact number, items and quantities that you wish to order, and the date for pick up. We will process the order and email you a confirmation and invoice for payment. Payment must be made in full in advance for the order to be made.
There are minimum order quantities for all items. The full menu, including prices, can be found at www.misterniceguy.com.au/patisserie
Please note some items require more notice, such as cheesecakes which are at least seven days. Please allow order processing and payment times, and make sure to include a contact number. We may not be able to accommodate orders placed at short notice – if you have not allowed enough time, please check orderup to purchase from our same day menu.

I sent an email but haven’t heard back yet – what’s happened?

We aim to answer all emails within 24 hours Monday to Friday. If you haven’t heard back within 48 hours send a follow up email to hello@misterniceguy.com.au it’s possible that we didn’t receive it for some reason. Please note that our admin department is closed over the weekend, for anything urgent please call or text to Ascot Vale Bakery on 0404 191 130.

I placed an order on the website, what next?

If this was an advanced order made at www.misterniceguy.com.au/cakes or www.misterniceguy.com.au/cupcakes you will receive an confirmation email (please make sure you input your email address correctly when ordering). If you do not receive it within 12 hours please send a follow up email as it possibly means your order was unsuccessful.
It it was an orderup order, you will receive a confirmation email, however if you do not receive it please contact the store on 0404 191 130.

I would like to change my order – how?

We are not able to make any changes or add ons to your order three days before your order is due. If you do want to make a change we require this in writing (not over the phone or in store) – please reply to your confirmation email with the changes you want to make. Orderup orders cannot be changed.

I need to cancel my order!

All cancellations must be made no later than three days before due date or payment will be required – please email your cancellation by replying to your confirmation email, not over the phone or in store. Sorry, this applies to Covid too! If you are in isolation we may be able to arrange delivery – please text 0404 191 130 if it is less than three days.
If you decide to cancel on the day, please text us just out of courtesy.

Public Holidays – what happens?
We are open most public holidays – please check our social media for updated opening hours.
Delivery is currently unavailable for public holidays.

What flavours are dairy free?

All of our products are completely dairy free – no milk, butter, cream, lactose at all!

What flavours are egg free?
All of our products are completely egg free.

What flavours are gluten free?

To check if something can be gluten free, please add the cake or cupcake it to the cart and look for the gluten free check box, if this can be ticked then the flavour can be gluten free! Some flavours can be made gluten free with some adjustments, such as Bluey being made with a gluten free cake instead of cookies. Please email us for any queries (making sure to leave enough time for ordering).

If you are celiac, please be aware that we bake our gluten free on the same premises as non-gluten free, we do our best to avoid cross contamination but our gluten free may contain traces of gluten due to this. We bake all our gluten free items first, clean up then start with non-gluten free.

What products are vegan?

All of our products are 100% vegan.

What cakes have nuts in them?

If you hover the mouse above the flavour you are interested in and click the allergy button you will be able to read a description of the flavour, which will mention nuts if there are any. If it does not mention nuts, there are no nuts in that particular flavour.
Please let us know when you place your order that you have an allergy and we take extra care to avoid cross contamination, however please note we cannot provide a 100% guarantee as there are nuts on site.

What are the opening hours of the bakery?

Ascot Vale: Monday – Friday 9am to 3pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am to 2pm

Can I order something and have it delivered today?

Absolutely! If you go to our OrderUp app you can choose from the items that we have available today and organize for pick up or delivery.

I need a cake but it’s less than the current minimum number of days to order, how do I order one?

Please head to our OrderUp app you can choose from the ready-made spare cakes that we have available.

Do you do wedding cakes?

Yes – please have a look at our Tiered Cakes Page. Popular options include the Happily Ever After cake. We can also make smaller wedding cakes. If you are after something different to what you can see please email us some photos and ideas that you have and together we can discuss the possibilities.

Why do you freeze tiered cakes?

We freeze tiered cakes the morning of your pick up to make sure it stays intact during transport, please allow 3-4 hours for your tiered cake to be completely thawed out before eating. The cakes are completely fresh and we freeze it so the frosting does not melt, or get damaged during transit.

Can I change the colour of the frosting?

Please email us to request any colour changes on large cakes to discuss options (please leave enough time to allow ordering timeframes).

Can I have a message written on the cake?

Yes. We can fit a maximum of four words on our cakes. These are written in frosting, and are not sugar free or fructose friendly. We do not use plaques, but pipe the message directly onto the cake or cake board (determined by the baking team based on where it best fits). Cake messages are free of charge.

Can I have a plaque on the cake?

No, sorry. We do not use plaques, but instead frost messages and images onto our cakes by hand.

Can I have a personalised cupcake?

Sorry we do not do personalised cupcakes, just what we have on our cupcakes menu.

Are there minimum order quantities?

Yes. These are listed on our website – there are a minimum of two dozen mini cupcakes, or one dozen regular cupcakes.

Can I get a discount?

Yes. If you purchase over 1 dozen regular cupcakes or over 2 dozen mini cupcakes, a 5% discount automatically applies at checkout. Discount is unavailable on patisserie and cake orders.

Do you hire out cake and cupcake stands?

No we don’t sorry

Can I dine in?

We have a café at Ascot Vale (151 Union Rd), which you are more than welcome to sit and enjoy our hot and cold beverages, as well as our bakery items. During lock down we are takeaway only.

Do you deliver advanced /custom orders?

We sure do! Please email us direct for a quote. Please note tiered cakes cannot be delivered.

Do you deliver same day/ OrderUp! orders?

We sure do! Place an order and if your delivery address is on our route, we can bring you an order.

How do I pay for a cake that I wish to order online?

We accept most debit and credit cards for online orders. Payment must be made prior to collection.

Do you accept cash or card in store?

Both! No diners or Amex though, sorry.

What is your refund policy?

If you have received damaged or faulty products, please let us know straight away by calling or emailing a photograph with a detailed description, based on the evidence we will determine whether a discount is applied. In the event that you feel that the cake tastes ‘different’ or not the usual taste, please bring it into the Ascot Vale store immediately where our bakers can test try it and determine whether there is or  isn’t something wrong with the cake.

Can you freeze your baked goods?

You can of course freeze just about anything, but nothing is as good as fresh of course!


  • GF VANILLA CUPCAKE: 1 DAY, CAKE: 2-3 days and cannot freeze
  • VANILLA CUPCAKE: 2 DAYS,  CAKE: WILL LAST FOR UP TO 5 DAYS OR MORE or several weeks if frozen
  • GF CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE: 2 DAYS, CAKE: LASTS 7 DAYS OR MORE or several weeks if frozen
  • CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE: 2 DAYS,  CAKE: LAST FOR UP TO 7 DAYS OR MORE or several weeks if frozen