Ingredients and Allergy Info

Everything in our bakery is

✔ Vegan
✔ Egg Free
✔ Dairy Free
✔ Lactose Free
✔ Cochineal Free
✔ Gelatine Free
✔ Meat Free

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Vegan (V)
Everything in our bakery is 100% vegan

Gluten/ wheat (GF)
Our gluten free items do not contain any wheat, however are baked on the same premises are items that do + may contain traces of gluten as baked on the same premises

The following flavours do not come in GF (red velvet, pebbles, lickity split, carrot, Neapolitan, tough cookies, cookie dough, smores, coffee and donuts, dirt cake, cookie monster)

Nuts (CN)
Please note, our nut-free baked goods are baked on the same premises as nuts, we are careful to avoid cross contamination by using separate assigned tongs to handle anything w nuts, and we can also box-up nut-based goods separately if you or someone you are purchasing for has a nut allergy.

Soy (CS)
Our cupcakes contain small traces of soy bean in the frosting. If you’d like completely soy free frosting let us know and we can custom make this for you. We also have one-two soy free cupcakes available in the display daily.

Sugar free (SF)
Our sugar free cakes are sweetened with brown rice syrup and are automatically vegan, and gluten free. We also have one sugar free cupcake available in the display daily.

Corn free (CF)
All of our flavours with bright colours contain corn starch.

Fructose friendly (FF)
The following cake and cupcake flavours are fructose friendly:
GF count Chocula, GF vanilla, GF raspberry beret, GF Key West.
As well as our GF bagel sandwiches.

Yeast (CY)
Most of our patisserie range contains yeast, anything that is bready and doughy, for example cinnamon buns and bronuts, we have put a (CY) symbol under anything that contains yeast.

Monash extensive list of fructose friendly foods it’s suitable for most who can’t tolerate fructose because it is a disaccharide which is 50% fructose and 50% glucose, and that means most can tolerate it, but for some who have severe fructose issues they still can’t have it because there technically is still some fructose in it.