Towering Crepe Cake

In Episode two Deb and Lucas show you how to make a Vegan Towering Crepe Cake!

Use this recipe if you want to make the best vegan crepes your friends will ever have, you can also use the batter of this recipe to make Vegan French toast!





almond, soy or rice milk
– plain flour
– silken tofu
– maple syrup
– salt
– cinnamon
– blackberries
– sugar
– water
– 2 lemons
– vegan cream cheese
– icing sugar
– vanilla
– coconut oil or canola oil
(if you’re using a frying pan)
– hand mixer
– zester
– knife
– measuring spoons
– measuring cup
– frying pan or crepe maker pan
– spatula or crepe flipping device




Recipe for Vegan Crepes

(makes 10 crepes*) times this by two to make 20 crepes.

* (Reason why we did this by 10 crepes is bc that’s all that could fit in a blender, so do this times two to get a big-assed crepe cake)!

Add the following to your blender:

– 2 ½ cups almond, soy or rice milk
– 2 cups of plain flour
– 1 cup of silken tofu
– 6 tablespoons of maple syrup
– 1 teaspoon of salt
– 1 teaspoon of baking powder
– pinch of cinnamon
– handful of blackberries to make the crepes purple-y and taste like berries.

Blend for about a minute or so until everything’s completely and utterly mixed…

– Use a lightly greased frying pan (use coconut oil or canola oil) or a crepe maker pan, and pour a medium sized portion into the center of the pan, lightly rotate the sides of the pan so that the center expands into a bigger flatter circle.
– The sides of the crepe will start to brown and bubble; once that gets closer to the middle; your crepe will be done!
– To take the crepe off; (don’t use your fingers like Lucas!) Find a very thin spatula and flip it over.
– Let the crepes cool off for about 20-30 minutes or so.
{At home you can add anything to your crepes, such as raw cacao, cinnamon or blueberries, etc. or just have them plain if you want to make basic crepes}.


Recipe for Blackberry Sauce

Add the following to your blender:

1 cup of blackberries
– 1/3 cup sugar
– ½ water
– 1 zest from a lemon
– 1 juice from a lemon
– blend until blended


Recipe for Cream Cheese Filling

– 2 cup vegan cream cheese
– 4 cups icing sugar
– 2 teaspoons vanilla
– 1 lemon zested and juiced
Mix with a hand blender until smooth (over mixing is fine here, in fact the more you mix the less crunchy the sugar will be)


– Spread the cream cheese filling on every layer of the crepes and stack them up.
(If you have different sized crepes, put the smallest crepes at the bottom, and largest at the top, this will help keep the crepes together when slicing).

– Pour the black berry sauce over the top, make sure it gets on the sides too

– Let it refrigerate as long as you can (no more than 3 hours) so that it is easy to slice.


How to turn your Crepe batter into French Toast!

– Make one blender full of crepe batter, then pour this batter into a large mixing bowl, add one cup of soy, rice or almond milk.
– Whisk until smooth
– Now use this batter to soak your bread into, throw the bread on the frying pan that’s been lightly greased w coconut oil or canola oil, brown until the sides are slightly crispy and the bread is golden.
– Add your choice of toppings over it, try maple syrup, raw ice cream and berries or facon and you’re done!